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Skellam AI is a start-up that specializes on application of AI and data science to the business problems of B2C enterprises.

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Skellam AI is all set to disrupt the eCommerce industry

The e-Commerce industry is one of the leaders in adopting &  implementing advanced technologies to automate marketing efforts and customer interactions. Learn how Skellam AI is going to disrupt it.


Retention Marketing Strategies to Re-engage Customers

Online businesses require a retention marketing strategy that enables them to re-engage customers with their brand. Read how AI can enable this.


A brand new product that harnesses AI to enhance e-commerce

Skellam AI is ready to launch GreyFOX. Read more here.



Ace the post-pandemic E-commerce Wave with Personalized Marketing

The global health crisis ....


How AI-assisted Text Analytics Reveals Actionable Insights

Raw unstructured textual data extracted ....


Managing Customer Relationships During Times Of Economic Uncertainty

Economic hardships triggered ...

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