Re-invent Retail with AI & Data Science

    The retail industry has always been at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge customer engagement technologies. Stiff competition, a wave of e-commerce, and global economic factors have further accelerated the adoption of emerging technologies. Be a part of this revolution, by exploring the possibilities of AI and data science solutions from Skellam

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    Recover Your Revenue Leakage!

    Is your store revenue at its max potential? Are your promotions eating into your profits? Do your offers create sufficient demand to match the income potential of your audience? Are you suspecting lost opportunities? If any such questions ever occur to you, you're in the right place. Read below to learn how we can help your retail business get the best of growth & profits

    Ride out any Flux in Retail

    In a consumer-driven market, customer experience is gradually changing the dynamics of brand loyalty. Today’s buyers demand personalized attention, fulfillment at the pace of the culture of immediacy, consistent CX across channels, and choices that reflect the rapidly evolving trends.

    Among emerging technologies, AI and Data science go a long way in acting as the vanguard against disruption in retail, as they help companies stay closer to their customers. Skellam’s suite of AI products and data science solutions are designed in a way that can help enterprises not only protect their business but also remain agile enough to tap into new sources of revenue.

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    Ring up Growth & Profits

    One of the key lessons emerging from the last 2 decades of retail growth, is the fact that customer-obsessed companies flourish and others perish soon enough. In order to have the kind of customer-centricity necessary to improve your footfall, sales volume, average customer life cycle value, repeat business, bottom-line, or any other business metric for that matter, you need to have the enabling technology to execute your smart customer engagement.

    Skellam AI’s expertise and experience in understanding this crucial factor have helped us build our customer engagement product, GreyFox. GreyFox helps your organization deliver true hyper-personalization through AI. GreyFox allows your brand to effect smarter engagement through a keen understanding of your customers’ likes and preferences. Learn more.

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    Read Between the Tweets, Likes and Scribbles!

    What is worse than not taking feedback from your customers? It is not being able to glean actionable insights from feedback. What is even worse? It is not being able to even gather feedback that is directed at your business!

    In today’s age of consumer activism, no successful enterprise can deliver customer-delight without responding to feedback and comments from its consumers in a timely fashion. The sheer volume of such data can be daunting. Looking for meaningful insights and actionable inputs often go beyond the realm of human analysis. That is why, at Skellam AI, we have built an NLP based self-learning text-analytics product LexCore. LexCore allows businesses to dive deep into the comments, social media posts, reviews, and feedback from their customers. Experience the true power of using LexCore by scheduling a demo today.

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    Rev up Your Revenue

    Offer what your customers are looking for and you don’t have to sweat your customer acquisition strategy. Recommend products that are best suited for each one of them, create personalized offers, elicit the effects of gamification by creating win-win bundles with our custom solutions. Fine-tune your services to augment smarter customer engagement and improve overall CX. Our products and solutions help you avoid any opportunity cost and also tap into new revenue sources.

    Join hands with Skellam to unleash the true power of AI and data science for your retail business.

    Transform Your Retail Business Today

    What are you waiting for? Unleash the power of AI and Data Science at an incredibly affordable price. Talk to us today!

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