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    With all the data available at your disposal, are you still unable to hash out quick actionable insights to grow your sales and improve your profits? At Skellam, we make AI and data science serve the perfect blend of growth and profit for your business. Talk to us today.

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    Wake up and Smell the Coffee

    Is your business generating revenue to its maximum potential? Can you increase the order volume and each order value in the current capacity? Is competition eating into your market share? How to grow in the era of the food-delivery frenzy? If these questions ever bothered you, read below to know how Skellam AI can help you address them effectively.

    No one Likes to Wait, Ever!

    Speed, convenience, and quality are the pillars of a good CX in any quick-service restaurant or fast casual. Many QSRs are yet to experience the power of AI and data science due to limited application in revenue generating aspects of the business. The gap between such nascent tech adoption and eventual CX is widening due to the dynamic nature of evolving consumer behavior. Knowing what your customers want, like, prefer isn’t good enough anymore. The democratization of AI and data science can allow even small and medium-sized QSRs to deliver CX that was earlier reserved only for multi-billion dollar retail businesses. Skellam AI helps its QSR customers leverage smart customer engagement to build deeper relationships for profitable lifetime value for every customer.

    The speed of insights and smart suggestions from our solutions-driven personalized engagement results in higher order values and enhanced loyalty - so neither your customers nor your growth is kept waiting!

    Learn more today! Drop us a line at beawesome@skellam.ai

    Accelerate Your Revenue

    In a winner takes it all QSR market, the distant second often crumbles into oblivion within years. The momentum of the virtuous cycle brought about by rapid market share acquisition is irreplaceable. Then again, every business hits a plateau with respect to its growth rate when there is still immense potential in the market and business capabilities within the organization.

    To break this ceiling, very few organizations uncover the true potential of AI and data science. Artificial intelligence-assisted smarter customer engagement can deliver unprecedented hyper-personalization. Skellam AI’s GreyFox runs on sophisticated algorithms and data science to achieve the maximum growth rate of your QSR business.

    Deliver personalized offers that resonate with your customers. Make accurate predictions about their preferences to augment the average order value and build lasting relationships. Achieve your business goal with smarter customer engagement at every level. Try GreyFox today!

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    Look Under the Bread!

    All successful businesses know that it is important to listen beyond what is being said by the customers. Analyzing brand mentions and direct feedback gives businesses some sense of their customers’ sentiments towards them and their products/services. However, it is easier said than done - collecting, analyzing, and acting on all the brand mentions and feedback may seem herculean. Our AI-assisted text analytics product, LexCore helps your business process and assimilate consumer reactions and sentiments through their feedback and mentions on social media.

    LexCore is a next-gen text analytics product that solves your problem of discovering and acting on customer engagement with your brand. Experience the power of NLP and AI in building deeper customer relationships. Request for a demo today!

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    Spice up Your Engagement

    Be a step ahead of your competition in serving your customers, faster, better, more consistently. Take personalization to a whole new level by recommending products that they are most likely to buy. Measure sentiments, identify patterns and intervene meaningfully by putting our AI to work. Avoid opportunity cost through truly personalized offers, discounts, and loyalty-based rewards. Reap untapped revenue with gamification and smarter customer engagement.

    Taste the Real Power Of AI & Data Science

    Try what AI and data science can do for your business growth and profitability today. Contact us right away!

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