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    Many enterprise technologies have promised immense value for your business. However, the tangible business outcomes are discovered to be far from their claims. AI and Data Science could seem like yet another elusive endeavors that is yet to deliver value to your business. These supposed transformations often end up as botched up proof of concepts with familiar tales of cost overruns, missed deadlines and even avoidable downtime. This need not have to be the case with your next transformation led by the adoption of AI and data science. Speak to us today!


    Skellam AI’s Enterprise Solutions

    Make data science and AI really work for you!

    We know you have been hearing about the magic of AI and data science, possibly, for more than 7 to 10 years now. The popularity of AI has expanded across multiple industries, on the back of the promise of redefining possibilities in your industry. But how many examples do we have to validate that an AI transformation has indeed delivered business value? Chances are, many of these remain to be seen only on papers. In our experience, we have understood that this widespread problem arises primarily due to the fact that AI and data science require a nuanced understanding of Your business and Your data. At Skellam, we never undertake a one-size-fits-all approach. Our customized methodology has consistently delivered value to our customers - be it in terms of efficiency or business growth .

    Enjoy solutions customized for your business and your data

    We understand your business is unique and so are your customers. Your enterprise data is like a goldmine and with AI you can derive maximum output from it. Skellam AI can build custom solutions as per your business, your data, your tech stack and your business goals. We have been there, done that. Our Enterprise AI solution for a Fortune 100 company is enabling not only save millions of dollars but also generate millions of dollars. Talk to us today.

    Hyper-Personalized Engagement Through Data Science.

    Generating new streams of revenue or accelerating the growth rate of your business requires smart customer engagement. Smart customer engagement requires comprehending the layered profiles of your customer at an individual level. We believe understanding the unique needs and expectations of your customers can go a long way in establishing a lifelong and mutually fruitful relationship. Hyper-personalization lets you offer tailored products and services to your target audiences by gathering their real-time behavioral data using data science. Skellam AI's proprietary IP, GrayFox, can build unique solutions for your business to enhance your customer engagement at every point of a customers' journey. Our hyper-personalization solutions deliver a definitive increase in your business growth metrics such as customer lifetime value, average order value, reduced cart abandonment etc.

    Simplify Complex Decision-making

    In today's fluid economic environment buffeted by successive global disruptions, quick and better decision making is the key differentiator. Consistently making the right decision is easier said than done, especially when the options involve a myriad of variables, incomplete data, dynamic market forces and steep competitive advantages resting with a few players. Some of these decisions are time-sensitive and often go beyond basic arithmetic that human intelligence can process. This is where AI solutions step-in to augment the human brain. Take for instance, how would you choose the right discount offer for a particular user, based on historical purchase data, supplemented by insights on predicted behavior based on 3rd party data, synced with preference inputs from social media conversations and have them mapped to your inventory, aligned to your sales target, yet not compromise your net profit margin? Leave these kind of decision making to our AI solutions that can do this in split-second, at scale and personalized to every customer you serve

    Experience the Skellam Difference

    We are a dedicated team of data scientists and software engineers who are passionate about AI and its possibilities. Our team believes in offering solutions dedicated to your business that positively addresses all the pain points. We build solutions that are robust, scalable, secure, and compliant with all the norms. Our solutions are not limited to generic automation using AI and ML, it brings out the true power of AI.

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