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    What Makes Skellam AI an Amazing Place to Work At?

    Posted by Devina Balagopal Aug 13, 2021 4:18:43 AM

    When Skellam AI was founded in 2017, no one would have believed you had you told us that in 2021 we would be a 36-people strong, fully remote, global AI organisation. But the last five years couldn’t have been more satisfying than to watch Skellam grow from a few employees in Bellevue to the flourishing tech company that it has become now.  

    A Glassdoor review from one of our employees reads, “Everyone around is so talented and competitive, you get to learn a lot here; high ownership and responsibility is what I enjoy and is what I get here, you feel equally part of the company as anyone else.” And this is what Skellam as an organization aims to be. 

    This approach has helped us deliver to our customers and create a significant impact in customer engagement through artificial intelligence and data science. Over the years, we have been able to sustain the growth of our company by making the choice to work as equals and not as individuals plugged into an org-structure hierarchy. As the HR Manager of Skellam, I have experienced and witnessed the power of equality in our organization. Ask any of our developers; they tell me that they choose Skellam over larger brands because of the impact they get to create with their work. 

    Here, employees take personal accountability for their role by taking ownership of their everyday tasks. Every developer owns the product or the feature they are working on. They take pride in the fact that the code they write is directly contributing to the top line growth of a Fortune 500 company or is helping a SMB e-commerce merchant optimise store profits. And most of them have stuck around with us for a large part of the last five years because of the steep learning curve they get to experience with Skellam. We are still hungry for growth and obviously face the challenges of a fast-growing start-up. However, the employees enjoy absolute freedom to work the way they want to and whenever they wish to, as long as the objectives are met.  

    Heading to work never feels like heading to a battlefield, but rather more like to a playground where the entire team is cheering one another. The best part about this playground is that each member of the team is not constrained to one job. If you feel you are ready to wear multiple hats and explore your likings you will be motivated to do so. So there is never a dull moment in your work life at Skellam.

    People are assets to our organization. Skellam AI strives to ensure that our employees have the best work environment possible; be it something as simple as your work laptop or something more at the core, like your compensation. New ideas are welcomed at Skellam and no ideas are ever judged as they are articulated. 

    On the last Friday of every month, all of us come together for a fun session called “Hello Friday” that is focussed on team bonding. This is not a huge thing, in my opinion. It is what most companies do to connect in a lighter vein. But, here, I feel that when our bunch comes together to enjoy the little things, they create the magic that keeps them going at the more important and serious things they need to do. I believe maintaining a healthy work culture sustains employee enthusiasm which in turn drives the company towards excellence. I feel this is how Skellam constantly invests in its employees to ensure that they continue to perform at their best.

    At the end of it all, if you ask me what makes a workplace great, I won't count the swanky spaces, the money, or the status of the company in the market. I believe what makes a company a great place to work is the people and how they relate to each other in the most organic manner possible. And that is what I think is the Skellam difference. We are a bunch of regular people who enjoy working together in building extraordinary technology with an underlying foundation of trust.

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