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    Nik Jain

    Nik leads Skellam AI's business development efforts. He is currently on a mission to help SMB business owners take advantage of enterprise-grade emerging technologies to succeed in their e-commerce ventures.

    Best Shopify Apps in 2021!

    Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that helps you begin and build your business with a...

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    7 Common E-mail Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

    In recent times, when traveling and meeting in-person has become a limited option, one of the...

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    How To Reduce E-Commerce Cart-Abandonment in 2021?

    Shopping cart abandonment is the eternal nemesis of e-commerce owners. It’s incredibly...

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    Skellam is a team of experts in AI, data science and product development that develops custom AI solutions to solve complex business problems.

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