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    Transform Your Business
    with Enterprise AI

    Derive maximum value from your enterprise data through data science and artificial intelligence!

    Skellam AI’s suite of products and custom solutions are engineered to deliver tangible business impact. 

    Explore the benefits of data science & AI for your business today!

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    Increase Sales with Skellam’s Smart Customer Engagement

    Skellam’s AI engineers and data scientists are skilled at building custom solutions for your most complex business problems. We are saving hundreds of millions of dollars in demand generation for a Fortune 100 company with our AI-powered customer engagement platform. Learn more.

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    Saving and Generating Millions for a Fortune 500 Company.

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    Enterprise AI Solutions that Work!

    The Skellam Advantage



    Deliver delight at every touchpoint of your customer journey. With our proprietary algorithms and custom solutions, you can deliver truly personalized offers and promotions that optimize business goals with customer intent.


    Accelerated Growth

    Skellam's suite of products and custom solutions eliminate lost opportunities while constantly enhancing your bottom line. Achieve your growth aspirations with our AI-assisted offer optimization, gamification, personalization, campaign automation, and loyalty reinforcement.


    Engineering Excellence

    Our AI-powered solutions are designed for robustness, scalability, and high-performance. We have achieved up to 3X better computational performance over other solutions.


    Context-driven Customer Engagement

    Our solutions are context-aware and self-learning which enables you to engage your customers better. Skellam's AI solutions make a myriad of dynamic decisions while your customers interact with your business to deliver exceptional CX. These automated and intelligent engagement nuances are affected not only based on customer data but market dynamics and your business objectives.


    Seamless Business & Tech Integration

    Our solutions are customizable to your data and business. We understand that your business is unique. We build customization hooks on our platform and integrate our solutions on to your existing technology stack so you can rapidly grow your business without any interruptions.

    We Apply Data Science and AI to Reimagine Your Business

    We know very well that your business and your data are equally unique to your enterprise, so are your business problems. That is why we distill your enterprise knowledge to create custom solutions with our AI-powered products and the application of data science. This deliberate approach of ours creates bespoke solutions that crack your most pressing business problems as opposed to one-size-fits-all enterprise software that may create more problems than they solve.

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    We are passionate about the possibilities of AI. Are you? Join us to create cutting edge AI solutions and push the boundaries of data science.

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    Skellam is a team of experts in AI, data science and product development that develops custom AI solutions to solve complex business problems.

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